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Want Beautiful Skin That Glows From Within?

Want Beautiful Skin That Glows From Within? Take The Collagen Quiz | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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As more and more consumers search for answers to their skin problems, more and more products enter the market, aimed at unsuspecting and uninformed people who are really not sure which products will work best for them. What’s the best way to get beautiful skin that glows from within?

Preliminary research consistently shows that taking collagen capsules or using collagen powder supplements can improve your skin’s elasticity after just one month, and is especially effective in already-aged skin. Collagen smooths the lining of the gut (just as it does for skin) to aid in digestion, and stimulates and rejuvenates hair follicles.

What is collagen?

At its most basic, collagen is protein. The most abundant protein in the human body, collagen makes up roughly 25-35% of all protein in the human body. In fact, collagen weighs about 75% of your skin’s dry weight!

Collagen is a structural protein that strengthens tendons, and supports the skin and internal organs. When mineral crystals are added to collagen, bones and teeth begin to form or are healed.

What is collagen used for?

Collagen is used in reconstructive surgery, as a healing aid for burn victims, bone reconstructions, dental procedures, and more. When collagen is used in medical procedures, it is taken from either cow-, horse-, or pig- fat, and is known collectively as mammalian collagen.

Collagen is also derived from fish bones, scales, and skin. Marine collagen is an affordable, effective, and sustainable alternative for those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan-based lifestyle.

Regardless of its source however, collagen is collagen because the same proteins are used, whether mammalian (bovine) or fish (marine).

What Collagen Supplements Are Best?

Not all supplements are created equal, and not all equal supplements work the same way. To maximize the benefits of collagen, ensure the product you choose contains the best nutrients that will increase collagen production in your body.

Ready to discover which combination of products work best for your hair, skin, nails, gut health, bones, or joints?

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