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7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Collagen

Your beauty arsenal is no doubt incredibly comprehensive, but it’s always good to have a supplementary tool or two that can help you elevate your skincare game to the next level. For those with dry skin prone to wrinkles and fine lines, collagen supplements can be a game-changer for your routine. Alas, enter the benefits of drinking collagen

Capable of restoring your skin’s natural lustre and rejuvenating your overall appearance, collagen supplements are a must-have for any well-rounded skincare regimen. And though they may seem like a daunting addition to your regimen, collagen supplements are actually quite easy to incorporate into your daily life.

In fact, they’re one of the most popular additions to any healthy lifestyle, boasting numerous benefits that can help you look and feel more confident. But realizing that you may have questions – after all, its benefits are secretively unknown – we decided to research and bring you the ultimate guide on how to take collagen and what collagen supplements can do for you.

So, if you’re interested in experiencing the joy of collagen for a new you this year, read on and discover the many benefits this powerful protein can offer you.

1) Easy-to-Digest Source of Protein

Proteins are responsible for making up our hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They are important to help keep your body functioning properly. In fact, we need certain proteins to break down carbohydrates and fat in order to properly utilize them as energy sources. Without proteins to help us process these nutrients that we ingest from food, our bodies would not function correctly. However, proteins, especially in the form of meat and egg, are often difficult to digest and therefore can often be rejected by our digestive systems.

Fortunately, though, with collagen protein, your body is able to easily absorb its benefits without any complications or side effects. This makes it a great addition to any diet because you will reap all of its health benefits while avoiding many negative issues such as bloating, cramping, or diarrhoea which can occur when trying other protein options such as meat or eggs.

Adding collagen supplements into your diet could be just what you need if you’re looking for an easy way to add more protein into your diet without having it impairing any aspect of your health! After all, there is no easier way than adding a powder supplement that can dissolve seamlessly into juices, smoothies, yoghurt, etc.!

2) Helps Smooth Wrinkles and Boost Elasticity in Skin

As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity, and collagen production slows down. This causes your skin to become loose and saggy, as well as wrinkle more easily.

With less collagen present, your skin is also much more susceptible to acne, cellulite, wrinkles, and stretch marks. If you find yourself with a lot of these issues in your body, it may be due to a lack of dietary collagen protein in your diet. You can easily fix that by adding collagen protein into whatever smoothies or other food items you eat every day!

Not only will it enhance your body’s inherent ability to produce collagen, but it will allow you to reap many of its other health benefits too! For example, when taken over long periods of time, collagen could be just what your body needs to combat muscle wasting, which often occurs during ageing.

3) Positively Impacts Joint Health

Collagen is an integral component in connective tissue. It helps to support your body’s joints and skin cells and enriches them with essential nutrients. The reason why collagen is important for joint health is that as you age, your body begins to produce less and less collagen, which causes damage to many structures within your body, such as bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc… If you want healthy joints, then it would be a good idea to add collagen into your diet if you are not already doing so. Just a spoonful of collagen supplements mixed into some juice or yoghurt can do wonders!

4) Collagen Benefits Your Heart Health

With collagen in your diet, you will be able to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and maintain a healthy heart by keeping your blood vessels healthy and elastic. This can help you to avoid many long-term risks such as atherosclerosis which is a hardening of your arteries that leads to plaque build-up and eventually hinders normal blood flow throughout your body.

Another benefit of using collagen supplements is they can reduce homocysteine levels in your body which has been linked with an increased risk for heart disease and stroke when elevated. Homocysteine levels are high when there is not enough folate or vitamin B12 present in one’s diet. Collagen can be useful for maintaining these vitamins within a healthy range so as to reduce homocysteine concentrations!

5) Helps Improve Detoxification and Liver Function

Collagen impacts detoxification processes in your body through increasing levels of glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant that has been linked with improved liver function. With more antioxidant power, your liver will be able to break down chemicals and remove them from your body much faster, which could prevent any unwanted illnesses or diseases from forming as a result.

6) Oral Collagen Supplements (Like Collagen Capsules) May Promote Gut Health

Your gut is home to millions and billions of bacteria that help you to digest your food and absorb nutrients from it. When these bacteria are working properly, along with colon and GI tract health, many other body systems will also begin to operate more efficiently because they are being fed an ample supply of nutrients!

Collagen as an oral supplement can be very beneficial in helping promote a healthy digestive system. It helps improve the much-needed elasticity in your gut which will assist in breaking down food and assisting in better nutrient absorption. It also helps to reduce inflammation in your gut which can assist in bettering your overall health as a whole.

7) Supports Bone Formation

1/3 of your bone is composed of collagen. This means that as you age, if you don’t eat enough dietary sources of collagen, then it can significantly impact your bone health! Without sufficient amounts in your diet, osteoporosis and other related conditions may begin to form over time. The good news about taking a collagen supplement, though, is that you are still able to reap these benefits even at an older age because it will naturally increase your body’s ability to produce more as well! Collagen supplements have become more popular nowadays since more people are finding out about their great benefits! If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend adding one into your daily routine for better overall health.

Download our cheat sheet containing quick and easy steps for adding collagen into your diet for an amazing new you! Containing every necessary step to ensure you get the most from this amazing protein and making it as easy as possible for you, this cheat sheet will help you reap the benefits of collagen supplements.

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