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2 Ways To Avoid Premature Balding And Hair Loss In Men

2 Ways To Avoid Premature Balding And Hair Loss In Men | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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A recent study asked a large group of executives in leadership roles whether they would rather be bald, or taller.

Overwhelmingly (and perhaps surprizingly), the majority opted for a few additional inches in height.

For the “average Joe” on the street, here are 2 ways to prevent premature balding and hair loss in men.

What is hair loss in men called?

Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness is common and normal as your body ages.

Graying, thinning, and hair loss are part of the process of growing older, too.

What causes hair loss in men?

Whilst the exact causes of thinning hair in men remain elusive, male pattern baldness has been linked with androgens, hormones responsible for controlling bodily processes before, during, and after puberty.

This includes hair growth.

The most well-known androgen is testosterone, followed by dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is most involved in the growth of hair.

It is thought that high levels of testosterone coupled with DHT may speed up your hair growth cycle and lead to thinning hair.

Hair loss occurs when a factor (trigger or event) prevents the hair from growing, and is medically known as anagen effluvium.

In these cases, hair does not grow until the cause stops (for example, regrowth occurs when chemotherapy stops in cancer patients in remission).

The most common causes of hair loss include:

  • genetics
  • stress
  • health and nutrition
  • lifestyle choices
  • tight hairstyles
  • compulsion to pull out one’s hair (trichotillomania)

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Factors That Impact How Early Your Hair Loss Begins

A natural part of growing older, thinning hair and premature baldness could be caused by a number of hair loss factors, some preventable and some not.

Understanding the causes behind your thinning hair is important if you’re going to avoid losing any more hair.

Environmental factors that can also impact your hair health and lead directly to thinning hair or premature hair loss include:

  • exposure to harmful UV rays
  • air pollution and smog
  • harmful chemicals in hair treatments


Also known as androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness is common and normal as your body ages.

Graying, thinning hair, and hair loss are part of the process of growing older, too.

This 2017 study identified over 200 genes responsible for male pattern balding.


The condition of your hair and skin depends entirely on your overall health and well-being.

Stress destroys DNA strings and causes permanent damage to cells.

Long-term or ongoing (chronic) stress that is either mismanaged or ignored as “par for the course” can leave your hair brittle, dry, and hungry for nutrients.

Shampoos often contain harmful chemicals or perfumes that simply make the problem worse and could end up being harsh on your skin and tender scalp.

Hair shedding (known as telogen effluvium) is a common symptom of too much stress, and often disappears when the stressors that caused it diminish or go away.

Health and nutrition

The human body needs certain essential vitamins and minerals but not all of these nutrients are created by our bodies in enough quantities so we can function at our best.

Poor nutrition is not just about the bad foods you eat; sometimes the bioavailability of the foods you eat is to blame for malnourishment, too.

Diet deficiencies – specifically riboflavin, iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 – have been linked to hair loss.

A diet poor in omega-3 disrupts the production and actions of hormones that affect the health, colour, sheen and strength of your hair.

Omega 3 is also known as the body’s natural scalp lubricant and contributes to feeding and maintaining hair follicles.

Lifestyle choices

Premature hair thinning or balding may be linked to unhealthy lifestyle choices and bad habits, such as:

  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • smoking cigarettes
  • not getting enough sleep
  • not letting your head breathe by constantly wearing beanies, helmets, hats, etc
  • wearing tight hairstyles
  • harsh chemical treatments

When To See A Doctor About Hair Loss

If you’ve been using home remedies or over-the-counter (OTC) treatments for thinning hair and have seen no noticeable results, chances are good that your hair loss has been adding to your stress levels and disrupting your daily life.

Seek medical advice if your hair loss worsens, if your efforts to self-manage the hair loss do not work, or if you develop a skin rash.

How Does Omega-3 Fight Thinning Hair And Hair Loss In Men?

Stress and aging are great inducers of hair loss, and a high dose of Omega-3 reverses the signs of damage from these two stressors.


Diets high in omega-3 typically contain one or more of the most common and well-known sources for omega-3, such as salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flaxseeds, tuna, and egg yolks.


Here’s the problem: should you not be able to eat any or all of these foods, the best thing you can do for your thinning hair is to take an omega-3 supplement with a high ratio of omega-3 essential fatty acids and a high ratio of EPA and DHA.


The Correxiko Omega-3 High Strength Difference

The benefits of taking Correxiko’s Omega-3 High Strength Supplement capsules daily  include mood improvement, better concentration, sharper memory, healthier skin, reduced inflammation (a key trigger in autoimmune diseases), noticable weight loss, improved mood swings, improved eye health, boosted heart health, and nourished, stronger, luxurious hair.


How Does Collagen Combat Hair Loss In Men?

Whilst the average hair care product may give your hair a superficial feeling of being nourished, collagen hair supplements nourish the hair follicle and scalp more effectively from the inside.


Collagen also feeds hair follicles the nutrition they need to fight thinning hair, weak hair, graying hair, slow-growing hair, dull and lifeless hair, or hair loss caused by nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions.


Collagen supplements replace what age takes away, and when diet alone can no longer support healthy collagen production, Correxiko’s Marine Collagen Peptides Powder uses specialist clinical grade ingredients to keep your hair in its best shape ever – thicker and healthier than ever before.


Correxiko produces clean supplements with clear ingredient lists, openly displayed. There are absolutely no additives.


Correxiko’s Marine Collagen Peptides Powder contains nutrients specifically designed to consistently deliver benefits directly to the scalp and hair follicles, thereby improving, and maintaining normal hair growth cycles, while also alleviating common hair health concerns.


The Correxiko Marine Collagen Peptides Powder also:

  • promotes smooth and clear skin, while encouraging strong nails
  • reduces the visibility of scar tissue and age lines
  • could build healthy muscle mass
  • controls appetite, gut health, and digestion
  • encourages joint repair and stronger bones
  • helps maintain ligaments and cartilage

AND contributes to full and shiny hair.

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